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Skate the East: Virginia Beach’s 4 Coolest Skateboard Parks

Skateboarding is an incredibly popular activity in Virginia Beach, with skate parks scattered throughout the city. These skate parks are designed to cater to skateboarders of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced riders.

They offer a range of features, such as ramps, bowls, rails, and half-pipes, that allow skateboarders to hone their skills and push their limits.

If you're looking for the best skateboard parks in Virginia Beach, you're in luck. There are plenty of options to choose from, each with its own unique features and challenges.

Whether you're a seasoned skateboarder or just starting out, there's a park that will meet your needs.

In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the best skateboard parks in Virginia Beach. We'll explore the features and amenities of each park, as well as the overall experience of skating there.

So, whether you're a local looking for a new spot to skate or a visitor looking to experience the skateboarding scene in Virginia Beach, this guide will help you find the perfect park for your needs.

1. John Fudala Presents

John Fudala Presents
2017 Arctic Ave, Virginia Beach, VA 23451 (Google Maps)

John Fudala Presents is a fantastic skateboard park that offers a children's camp and learning center. The park has well-maintained equipment, and the instructors are knowledgeable and talented.

The teaching style is tailored to the individual's interests, and the game show approach to instruction keeps kids engaged.

The camp is held at a convenient location with ample parking available. Kids who attend the camp improve their skills quickly and gain confidence in their abilities.

John Fudala Presents is highly recommended for anyone looking for a great skateboarding experience.

2. Woodstock Skate Park

Woodstock Skate Park
5709 Providence Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23464 (Google Maps)

Woodstock Skate Park is a favorite among skateboarders in Virginia. The park offers a large variety of features that cater to varying skill levels.

It's great for children and has plenty of covered seating for parents to relax.

The park also has a dog park and tennis courts for those looking for other activities. The recent renovation has made the park even better.

The only downside is the lack of shade and park benches. Despite this, the park is a great place to skate and have fun.

3. Williams Farm Skate Park

Williams Farm Skate Park
5252 Learning Cir, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 (Google Maps)

Williams Farm Skate Park is a must-visit for skateboard enthusiasts of all levels.

The park is well-designed and provides a good challenge. Although helmets are required, it's worth it to skate on the great obstacles.

The park is kept clean and safe, and there is a public restroom and water fountain nearby. The park is well-lit and open until 9 pm, making it a great spot to skate late.

The staff is attentive and the park is a favorite among locals. If you're in the area, be sure to check out Williams Farm Skate Park.

4. Mount Trashmore Skate Park

Mount Trashmore Skate Park
4300 South Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 (Google Maps)

Mount Trashmore Skate Park is a great place for skateboarders of all levels. With plenty of areas to skate, visitors can enjoy the park's diverse terrain and challenging features.

The surrounding trails and playground offer additional fun for everyone to enjoy.

Although the park can get busy on weekends, it's still one of the best skate parks in the area.

The park is clean and well-maintained, with a giant half-pipe for the brave. It's definitely worth checking out if you're a skateboarder or just looking for a fun day out.